“ Stop Bullying ! “

What is it bullying?

Who is involved?

What are the effects they may cause?

How do it fix this?

We will discuss questionit one by one, hopefully can help answer it.

What it Bullying?

According to Webster’s dictionary, the meaning of the word bullying is abuse or harassment done without motive but intentionally done repeatedly against weaker. As according to SEJIWA Foundation, bullying is a situation where the abuse of power committed person / group to someone to make the victims feel intimidated. Generally Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior by dominant forces on the behavior performed repeatedly with the aim of offending others or weaker victim of it.

Bullying is a behavior that is not good to be emulated, and we must stop this act not as actors who participated bullying. Bullying also be repeated as possible for the actors who do so, they feel happy, even proud and feel the satisfaction of having done it. But for those who as victims, will be very sad, disappointed and even can damage the minds of the victims of bullying. As bullying can also be done alone, even group together.

Type Bullying

Olweus (1993), categorize two types of bullying consists of Direct Bullying is physical and verbal intimidation and Indirect Bullying form of mental violence through social isolation. Below is described in detail the types of bullying:

  1. Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is physically harsh treatment that can be seen by naked eye like pulling hair, collar, slapping, kicking etc. On physical bulling we can see and discover the environment around us. Examples violence of parents against their children according to their parents that their children were naughty therefore parents do violence on their children. Or other examples of new student orientation conducted seniors to the juniors. Senior junior unreasonably treated with physical violence resulting in death juniors.

  1. Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is the harsh treatment that can be heard as robing, threatening, cursing, jeering, slander etc. Verbal bulling even this may already often we see around us. One example of a criminal who robbed the victim by force by threatening the victim. Or another example of someone who likes to deride, tease even slandered his victims with words very offend feelings of victims.

  1. Mental Bulling

Mental bullying that rough treatment that can not be seen and heard as isolating, looked cynical etc. This mental bulling actors can do indirectly to be seen and heard his victim. For example an actor quipped victims through social networks such as facebook, twitter etc. so that to interfere with the victim. Or another example of someone who is ostracized by his friends because the victim had physical deficiencies compared with other friends.

Anyone who is involved in bullying ?

Perpetrators of Bullying

            A child’s falling into bullies can be triggered by multiple factors such as he modeled the behavior of one family member who also bullies. Subsequently he actualize themselves in a supportive environment as in schools that did omission in bullying behavior. This omission is actually one that can occur repeatedly and should be corrected. The perpetrators of this bullying should be briefed that this action is good and can be very harmful to others.

Victims of Bullying

Children who looks decent, innocent, poor, weak physical and seem to differ are often the victims of bullying. Suffering is not only experienced by the victim alone, parents often experience the same thing, especially experiencing mental distress as a result of bullying behaviors performed on her baby. Parents who would worry about his mental receive now, especially the impact it could carry up to adulthood. Just as bullies, victims of bullying also need to be given guidance on what they experienced so that the impact was not sustained into adulthood.

What are the impacts that may result from bullying?

There are various impacts as a result of bullying. Impact experienced by victims of bullying is not just the physical impact but also psychological impact. Even in extreme cases such incident happens, the physical impact of this can lead to death. In addition it can have an impact bullying into character assassination, because it can interfere with psychological bullying victims and can change / ruin good character who should have been the victims of bullying.

Impact for victims

The study conducted the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center Sanders (2003; in Anesty, 2009) shows that bullying can make teens feel anxious and frightened, affecting concentration in school and lead them to avoid school. If the bullying continues in the long term, can affect the self-esteem of students, increasing social isolation, raises withdrawn behavior, make teenagers vulnerable to stress and depreasi, and insecurity. In more extreme cases, bullying can lead teens to do reckless, even kill, or commit suicide (commited suicide).

Coloroso (2006) points out the danger of bullying overwrite victim repeatedly. Consequences of bullying for victims, the victims will feel depressed and angry, he was angry with himself, against the bullies, to the people around him and to adults who can not or do not want to help him. It is kemudan starting to affect academic achievement. Seeing no longer able to come up with constructive ways to control his life, he may retreat further into isolation.

Impact for perpetrators

Sanders (2003; in Anesty, 2009) National Youth Violence Prevention suggests that in general, these actors have a high confidence with high self-esteem as well, tend to be aggressive with the behavior of pro-violence, typical of the rampart, easy anger and impulsivity, low tolerance for frustration. The perpetrators of this bullying has a strong need to dominate others and less empathy towards the target. What is disclosed in accordance with that proposed by Coloroso (2006: 72) revealed that students will be trapped in the role of bullies, can not develop healthy relationships, less capable of looking at it from another perspective, does not have empathy, and assume that they are strong and preferably so as to affect the pattern of social relations in the future.

The impact on other students who witnessed bullying (bystanders)

If bullying is left without follow-up, then the other students who become spectators can assume that bullying is socially acceptable behavior. In these conditions, some students may be joined by oppressors for fear of becoming the next target and some may just be silent without doing anything and the most severe they felt no need to stoped.

How do I fix this?

This problem is not easy to resolve, because many factors that would be involved in it. So as to Stop Bullying can be completely stopped because of the impact of the above is not an easy finish. Here are some ways to cope and how to solve them, may be helpful.

  • Talk with others .: When faced with these problems, talk to others and tell the people closest to you or the authorities. Talking is one way that peling important to address bullying. If you do not do anything in this case, these actions will continue to follow you.
  • Ensure You Be Heard: sometimes have to tell more than one person. It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes people who know this does nothing. With more cider tell one person, will ensure that you are heard and their take it seriously.
  • Avoid the situation: It is a little tricky, because certainly no one wants to be this situation. It goes without saying that one of the most effective ways to deal with bullying is to bring yourself out of this situation.
  • Do not reply to the same thing: hatred should not be taken with hatred, because the problems are endless. That there are in fact creating a continuous cycle. So you should not reply to the same thing.
  • Encourage yourself to defend yourself: If instead you are defending yourself who else is going to start. There are several ways to do it point to the perpetrators that you are right if they defame you.
  • Find support: If you can not resolve themselves, seek help and support. The existence of support groups might be able to help and give moral support, especially in cases of extreme. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone, there are others who feel the same way, and you will be stronger together than you face it alone.


https://www.academia.edu/8307317/Definisi Bullying Apakah arti kata bullying




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