In the era of globalization is the use of English around us are already familiar and considered important to communicate. The reason is because English is the international language has become afrequently used worldwide. Especially in Indonesia this era of globalization we are going to enter the Asean Free Tradeis AEC (Asean Economic Community). Many foreign companies will enter into domestic and foreign workers who will work in Indonesia or vice versa. For it is able to control many important language besides Indonesian, English minimum considered very important to be able to speak and communicate in the company so that we can compete with them when it entered the AEC (Asean Economic Community).

We already introduced English since TK was even smaller than we’ve heard a lot of English words barbahasa directly or indirectly. English without realizing it is already very close to us, ranging from songs, words with English, and books are scattered with the English language. Songs in English from children’s songs to adults have a lot of even very familiar sound.

Many ways to learn English, ranging from places English language course which provides a wide range of understanding of the English language. An understanding of the English language can be obtained from knowing grammar, expand vocabulary, pronunciation, to English for business. Those things are very important in learning English so we can communicate better with our speaker later. There isa teacher who will help us to learn it all, and as sharing in the understanding.

Many listen to songs speak English could be one way of learning English. Because by listening to English-language songs we can hear the correct pronunciation which singers sing. In addition we are also trying to find meaning and try to understand the lyrics of the song. From there we learn a lot about understanding a song and expand existing English vocabulary.

The more that will be studied by us, the more also knowledge to be gained, and it will be very beneficial to themselves, or to others. And besides we can learn it themselves, we can also invite others to learn is by way of communicating by speaking with the English language in everyday life in order to be trained again learing english we got.


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