ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Kalimat Aktif dan Kalimat Pasif)

A. ACTIVE VOICE (Kalimat Aktif)
Active voice is the sentence that the subject is doing something or doing a job which is described by the predicate and object.
[ S + Verb + Object ]

Example :
 He calls John
The first sentence in the above, He active do something job is calls.
 She reading a book with her sister at home together
The second sentence She and her sister active do job is reading.
 They are playing football in the yard this afternoon
And than this third sentence also They active do something is playing football in the yard.

B. PASSIVE VOICE (Kalimat Pasif)
Passive Voice is subject to a sentence that is the subject of a job or suffer something. The passive voice is changing the position of the subject and object in a sentence. In other word, it works (verb) and its verb is converted into a third form of the verb. For example Eat (active form) is converted into eaten (passive form).
[ Object + (be) + Verb 3 + (by) + S ]

Example :
 Sunny is called by mother
The first sentence in the above, Sunny was subjected to a job that is called.
 An Elephant was killed by the hunter
The second sentence, An Elephant suffering from something that is killed.
 The package was mailed by Eko
Last the third sentence The package was subjected to a job that is mailed.

So, Active Voice can be used Passive Voice by taking into account the following provisions:
1. Subject in Active Voice is converted into objects in passive voice.
2. Conversely, objects in Active voice be used subject in the passive voice.
3. Verb in Passive Voice always consists of:
[ To be + Past Participle ]
4. In the Passive Voice the tenses countinous (verb + ing) then the verb of the form:
[ To be + being + past participle ]
5. In use to be in the passive voice note tenses used and auxiliary verb in the active voice.
TENSE To Be Passive Voice TENSE To Be Passive Voice
Simple Present Tense is, am, are Simple Past Tense was, were
Future Tense be Past Future Tense be
Present Perfect Tense been Past Perfect Tense been
Present Countinous Tense being Past Countinous Tense being

Active Modal Auxiliary Passive Modal Auxiliary Active Modal Auxiliary Passive Modal Auxiliary
Will Will be Must Must be
Can Can be Has Has to be
Should Should be May May be
Ought Ought to be Might Might be

6. If the Active Voice, the subject did not necessarily his actions (not known for certain the person), then the object in the passive voice like: By the people, by someone, by him, by her, by them and others can be eliminated. For example:
 Active Voice = Someone stole my motorcar
 Passive Voice = My motorcar was stolen

7. If there are two objects in the active voice is the direct object and the object is not lagsung (direct and indirecct object), then the form of the passive voice there are two possibilities. For examples:
 Active Voice = He Gives me a new pen
 Passive Voice = I am given a new pen by him
 Passive Voice = A new pen is given to me by him

C. Example Change the Active Voice to the Passive Voice
1) Ridwan will invite Anica to the party
 Anita will be invited by Ridwan to the party

2) Budi is preparing that report now
 That report is being preparing by Anita now

3) Waitresses and waiters serve the customers kindly
 The customers are served by waitresses and waiters kindly

4) Luna has suggested a brilliant idea
 A brilliant idea has been suggested by Luna

5) The horses were pulling the farmer’s wagon
 The Farmer’s wagon was being pulling by the horses

6) Shireen has returned the book to the library
 The book has been returned by Shireen to the library

7) Hendra scored the winning goal
 The winning goal was scored by Hendra

8) Dr. Yusak developed that theory
 That theory was developed by Dr. Yusak

9) Shinta dropped the cup
 The cup was dropped by Shinta

10) The assistant manager interviewed me
 I was interviewed by the assistant

D. Example Change the Passive Voice to the Active Voice
1) I was Invited to dinner by Ms. Hopkins
• Ms. Hopkins invited me to dinner

2) The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison
• Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph

3) Our hotel room will be cleaned by A maid
• A maid will clean our hotel room

4) The leaky faucet is going to be fixed by A plumber
• A plumber is going to fix the leaky faucet

5) James Swan was arrested by The police
• The police arrested James Swan

6) I was embarrassed by my mistake
• My mistake embarrassed me

7) Children are fascinated by helicopters
• Helicopters fascinate children

8) Ann’s purse was stolen by a thief
• A thief stole Ann’s purse

9) That house was built by Bob Smith
• Bob Smith built that house

10) This house was built in 1904
• Someone built this house in 1904


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