The Importance Your Hobby

Everyone has a preference for whatever he likes. They can engage in activities that they like, they want. While they’ve been busy with work that much time, thought, their labor with their daily routine to do at work, college, or school. They should even have to channel the other activities they like as relieving stress of busy life, one way to do their hobbies.

Hobby is a recreational activity that is carried out on time to calm one’s mind. Have other activities outside the bustle of the daily routine we do is very important, because the brain also needs to be relaxed do not always continue forced to think hard. Activities that can make calm of mind and balance between the left and right brain with the hobby that we love. The purpose of the hobby is to meet the needs and gain pleasure. There are so many hobbies that can be done, one is to write, read, draw, paint, traveling, photography, collectibles, music, and more.

Is Your hobby,?

In selecting the desired hobby we must first know ourselves, what we like, which can make the mind calm and foremost according to our abilities. No less than a hobby can get a tremendous advantage and could make money if done seriously, creative, and skillful. Already a lot of people out there who have proven this and make them work.

My name is Indah Pertiwi and used to be called me Indah. I am a student at the Gunadarma University and I also worked at one of the clinics in Bekasi. Being a student and worker had much time, thought and effort every day. The routines I normally do is lecture in the morning and afternoon working at the clinic performed nearly every day. So you think how busy the bustle of saturated even if that’s all I can do. For divest I have some other activities that I can do to eliminate it as a stress reliever saturation as well. Activities that can be called with a hobby that I love and I often do.

I have several hobbies that first was reading. According to Susan Greenfield a neuroscientist Baroness, reading can improve the ability to think clearly because the story has a beginning, middle, and end that will stimulate our brain to think in a sequence, linking the causes, effects, and linkages. I’ve loved reading from the SD when the books I read are still comics, and short stories. And even now I still like to read books like novels of romance, comedy and other fiction books or books that are inspiring. With a lot of reading in addition to adding extensive knowledge also can reduce stress because when reading will divert the mind and rilexed our brains. So we often for the reading.

Writing is also one of my hobbies that I like to do in spare time. Write an article on what ever experienced is one of impingement myself I can do, but it can also remove the mind of negative that exists within. By writing I sharpen my brain to think about what I would write, and to produce a paper has become a matter of pride for me. I love to write a prose / poetry in a book wherever and whenever I want to write. Creating an own writing can express themselves and get to know who you are. Read writing style it will show her figure.

One more my hobby like I often do is I like to watch movies. Many gendre of films that I like such action, Adventure, comedy, detective , fantacy , or horror. Plenty of places to watch but the most I like is to movies with a group of closest friends together. So we can discuss finished watching the movie we watch together. Or if I do not have time to watch it in the cinema I can do at home to buy a DVD to watch at home. One hobby that can win the minds, because our minds when it is brought into the plot of his movie and forget about all the activities of daily routines that sometimes disturbing.

Similarly, a series of hobbies that I normally do well at home, out with friends or alone. The importance of hobbies that we do can make up our mind to be quiet because it is a goal to be achieved.

with friends or alone. The importance of hobbies that we do can make up our mind to be quiet because it is a goal to be achieved


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